Billy Strings


The Bonnaroo Farm

Manchester , Tennessee

fiddle with John Mailander

4.67 stars


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Billy says...

well hello there soggy bottom boys and gurlllllssssss!! im glad you brought your ponchos or youre just down to go shirtless, whatever it is. its dark enough out here you could probably just get naked. maybe not but maybe the night is young right. thank yall so much for coming especially cuz of the weather, and sticking this shit out. i know youre wanting to hear some live music cuz it’s probably been a while. its been a while since we played some music too. so were just gonna have a little bit of FUN. LETS go on a little ride. Lets have a little bit of fun. lets just mess aroudn and dance around and skip around in the mud and have just a little bit of fun. JUST a little bit of fun. just a little bit of FUN. just a little bit of FUNNNNNNNNNNNNNN straight into know it all

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Album Stats
  • Cover Songs
  • It's Raining Here This Morning
  • West Dakota Rose
  • Unwanted Love
  • Run Down
  • I'll Remember You, Love, in My Prayers
  • All Time Low
  • Train, Train
  • Cassidy
  • Rank Stranger
  • West Dakota Rose
  • Renewal
  • Know It All
  • Love and Regret
  • Ice Bridges
  • Hide and Seek
  • No Album
  • Wargasm
  • Home
  • Must Be Seven
  • Home
  • Highway Hypnosis
  • Traditional
  • June Apple
  • Billy Strings (EP)
  • Dust in a Baggie